Nothing will fuck up your twenties more than thinking you’re supposed to have your shit together.


Just be fucking honest about how you feel about people while you’re alive.

John Mayer (via bl-ossomed)

Today I just have a bad day. I feel really emotional and I just wanna stay in bed, but I can’t.

  • I have an hair dresser appointment. And I’m finally getting a hair cut - can’t wait. My hair is so damn long and damaged and I’m ready to have beautiful hair again!!!
  • After that I drive home to my parents to spend the weekend there.
  • Which also means no keto for a few days, which doesn’t make me very happy, because I love to eat that way. It wouldn’t bother me so much to get kicked out of ketosis, if it wouldn’t be such a pain in the ass to get back into it. I alsways have the keto-flu. For me it’s one day of a very HEAVY migraine and I just feel sick, like throwing up. 
  • Also things I shouldn’t do: Watching a tv-show where one actor just looks like a copy of the guy you can’t get out of your head since a very long time (and you really miss having that person in your live and miss talking to him and so on), is a really bad idea. It’s basically torture. How to break your own heart 101. I should stop.
  • Now I need to pack my bag, run some errands and then go to the hairdresser. And fake being social and happy. It will be exhausting.




don’t cross oceans for people who wouldn’t cross a puddle for you.

No, do it. Do cross oceans for people. Love people, all people. No conditions attached, no wondering wether or not they’re worthy. Cross oceans, climb mountains. Life and love isn’t about what you gain, it’s about what you give.


  • I worked out on an empty stomach, because I simply was not hungry and didn’t want to force myself to eat. I actually did quite well and felt pretty good throughout my workout.
  • Keeping track of my macros and calories makes me quite anxious atm. When I wasn’t working out I ate around 1300-1400cal (which is about my BMR - but I wasn’t starving!!!) Eating a lot of fat keept me full.
  • Since I started working out again all I wanna do is eat. And then I worry about eating to much, because I wanna eat a slight defecit. But today I ended up eating around 2000cal. It’s hard for me to accept that my body needs this amount. My BMR is between 1300-1400, if I work out I burn around 300-400cal or so…why do I need so much food???
  • I know that these thoughts come from my old eating disorder. I thought I left those behind me, but I still have to fight those demons from time to time.
  • For now I just try to accept that I need a lot of food and that I might not be able to eat a deficit.
  • Oh, and that’s a pictue of my lunch: smoked salmon with broccoli-mash (broccoli, butter, parmesan, soy sauce). Devine.

the youtube channel I’ve been looking for since 53 years…

"So you plant your own garden and
decorate your own soul, instead of waiting
for someone to bring you flowers."
Veronica A. Shofstall, “After a While” (via perfect)
"Don’t think about what can happen in a month. Don’t think about what can happen in a year. Just focus on the 24 hours in front of you and do what you can to get closer to where you want to be."
Eric Thomas (via moaka)
"Happiness begins with you. Not with your relationship, your friends, or your job. But with you."
Mandy Hale (via w-ritings)

Look who made it to the gym yesterday!

  • I’m really bad at taking gym selfies. 
  • Working my way up to my former PR’s. I have a long way ahead of me, but I’m feeling quite good with my progress so far.
  • OHP are still really hard, because I have zero upper body strength.
  • And also I did 5 sets of deadlifts, because I really like deadlifts.
  • I haven’t streched a single muscle in weeks, because I’m the laziest person ever. I need to start that immediatly, because lifting without streching is a really bad idea. 
"Nothing ever happens like you imagine it will"
― John Green (via psych-quotes)

I don’t have to work till next Tuesday. This is my first time off from work since October last year (if you don’t count those few days around christmas). I’m so damn happy about that.

Can someone please stop the time, so I can relax for a month before I go back to work again? Thanks.


best motivator: greg plitt 


It’s just. You cant call it a cheese cake if it doesn’t have cream cheese in it. its just imitation then.

Or maybe you live in a different country, where it is tradition to use quark instead of cheese. Because you’re not baking an american cheese cake, you’re making a german “Käsekuchen”. Not everything is black and white. Just saying.

How to bake a keto cheese cake.

1. It’s Saturday morning and you think it’s a good idea to bake a cake.

2. Get your cute mini springform pan. It’s pink, which means this will be a kitchen success story. 


3. Make your dough. Use 30g of ground almonds and 30g of ground pecans (or any other nuts you like). 


4. Put in about 50-60g of butter and mix it with your hands. 


5. End up with a really soft buttery ball of well, butter with some nuts. Slightly doubt yourself. 


6. Realize tis will never become a dough an put in about 10g of shredded coconut. 


7. Nothing changes, it’s still this mushy ball. Get a bit desperate and use about 5g of cocoa powder to save the dough. 


8. Mix.


9. Start crying, yell SCREW THIS and decide that the dough is ready to be put in the pan. 


10. It’s time to make the delicious filling. Put about 250g of quark (or greek yogurt) in a bowl. 


11. Done. You’re really good at this. Add about 80g of erythritol and some vanilla. 


12. Add about 50ml of heavy cream and one egg. Be proud of how professional you’re in the kitchen. 


13. Beat the shit out of it. 


14. Realize that this is really liquidy. Freak out. This will never become a cheesecake. Add one more egg, because why not put in more liquid stuff. Beat it again, like that would save the cake. Give up. This is pointless. Decide that the filling is ready. 


15. Put in some dried cherries, because at this point nothing matters anymore. 


16. Realize you’ve forgot to pre-heat the oven. Try to hold back your tears. 


17. Pre-heat the oven to 180°C (350°F). Wait. Try not to think about what just happened.

18. Put the filling on the dough. Don’t worry about how liquidy it is. You’ve tried. There is nothing you can do anymore.


20. Take a cute picture of the cake, like you’re a pro in the kitchen. 


21. Put it in the oven. Pray. Pray some more. 


22. You’ve got lost in your prayer for this cake. After 45min you recognize a bit of a funny smell. From the kitchen. Sprint there. This is a life or death situation. Every second counts. You can’t find you’re oven cloths, because you’re not a successful adult. Scream, panic use something that would work. A towel. Thank god for towels. Look at your cake. What happened to it. It did a weird cake thing. 


23. Let it cool down and realize it kinda looks like a cake. Breath again. 


24. Try it. Have it for lunch, because as an adult you make the rules. The dough is really mushy, but the cake is actually quite good. Like how did that happen??? 


25. Pat yourself on the shoulder. You survived a cake. Use another dough recipe next time and also decide to wait another year before you try that kind of adventure again. 

Total macros with dried cherries: 1670cal // 145g fat // 28g carbs // 51g protein

Macros without cherries: 1600kcal // 145g fat // 18g  carbs // 51g protein